MORGANTOWN — One parent of a student at Eastwood Elementary says the school’s location, adjacent to the Mileground roundabout, causes traffic congestion and long delays for parents.

“And it’s only going to get worse with the upcoming DOH expansion of the Mileground,” Tony Christini said.

But Monongalia County Schools officials disagree.

Superintendent Frank Devono said no recent parent-concerns about traffic congestion during student drop-off and pick-up have been brought to his attention.

He said no major issues have been reported to his office concerning the ability of buses or other vehicles to get onto the roundabout from Eastwood’s exit.

Mon County Board of Education member Ron Lytle said no congestion concerns have come to his ears either. He said there is a simple solution to any congestion issues that may arise, though.

“We need to eliminate additional traffic with parents taking kids to school every day,” he said. “It’s a simple solution: People need to put their kids on the bus.”

And Lytle explained that the location of Eastwood is in no way an issue.

“It’s absolutely a good location for a school,” he said.

The Dominion Post spent more than an hour at the roundabout Friday, during school dismissal. It observed that cars and buses had no trouble getting onto the roundabout from the Eastwood exit. However, traffic delays getting onto the roundabout and Mileground Road from W.Va. 705 and Willey Street were observed during that time period.

Two minor collisions were witnessed by travelers merging onto the Mileground. Neither accident resulted in any injury.