What is a “fiscal conservative”?

“Fiscal conservatism is a political-economic philosophy regarding fiscal policy and fiscal responsibility advocating low taxes, reduced government spending and minimal government debt. Free trade, deregulation of the economy, lower taxes, and privatization are the defining qualities of fiscal conservatism.” -Wikipedia

A “fiscal conservative” is an apologist for the profiteering One Percent. Anyone on City Council who calls themselves a “fiscal conservative” should be voted off, because they are not working on behalf of the people, the public, they are working on behalf of the profiteers, the One Percent, against the public.

Local talk and news host Hoppy Kercheval is a fiscal conservative, a cheerleader for profiteering. He is basically a lobbyist for the One Percent, which employs him to propagandize for the interests of the big owners and big business against everyone else, against the public.

Fiscal conservatives are WAJR and WV Metro News. Fiscal conservatives oppose government generation of revenue to meet public needs as much as possible. Why? Because fiscal conservatives don’t want the wealthy owners of land and businesses to be taxed by levies, property taxes (or by income taxes).

Fiscal conservatives like Hoppy Kercheval function as the enemies of strong cities and strong public governments that try to generate the badly needed revenue to meet public needs, like revenue for the building and repair of public structures and services like roads and sidewalks and parks and libraries. Fiscal conservatives, the profiteering One Percent, are fighting the city’s acquisition of Haymaker Forest tooth and nail. Fiscal conservatives are battling the neighborhoods, the communities, the people.

That’s why any Councilor who calls him or herself a fiscal conservative should be voted out at the first opportunity. Which side are you on? If you are not on the side of the people, the 99 percent, then you should not represent them, because you don’t.

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