The PEIA Show in West Virginia

The PEIA smoke and mirrors show trundles on. This isn’t rocket science, folks. This is put enough money into an account to pay for people’s reeds. Any willing and competent government would have long since done so. Instead, they are stalling for time, and maximizing their show-our-deep-concern propaganda tour. Public workers, teachers in Colorado and Arizona, initially inspired by West Virginia, are already acting far beyond any pathetic “education” tour.

In Colorado, educators are moving on their own to lock in an additional $1.6 billion annually for public education: “A ballot petition is circulating that could raise significant dollars for public education. All that money would fund full-day kindergarten, pay down the budget stabilization factor and pour even more money into public education. Initiative 93 would raise the state income tax on the top 8 percent of earners; Coloradans making under $150,000 won’t be affected by the change. Depending on what income bracket the earners fall in, they could see a tax rate increase of 0.37 percent to 3.62 percent, and certain domestic and foreign corporations would also see a tax increase. Altogether, those tax dollars would raise $1.6 billion annually.”

In Arizona, educators are acting to lock in another $690 million annually to public education: “The Invest in Education Act gives Arizona voters the chance to restore investments in public schools and to ensure a dedicated funding source. The proposition is expected to raise $690 million which will be deposited into the Classroom Site Fund with 60% of the dedicated revenue directed to teacher salary increases and employment-related expenses and 40% directed to maintenance and operations of public schools… Our solution is to ask those families with incomes over $500,000 to pay more in their state income taxes. And once passed by the voters, this funding cannot be taken away by the legislature … and will apply to less than 1% of Arizona households.”

In West Virginia, the official PEIA task force trundles on. All those suits and ties pretending not to know what to do! Plenty of other people know what to do. And in Arizona and Colorado, so far, they are the ones now moving to get it done. Meanwhile in the WV, the officials go on tour, put on a show, handout pittance raises.

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