The State Lies for the One Percent

The state of West Virginia continues to lie to the public school workers and to the public in general. Where did the money come from to end the public school workers strike? The state said for months that no money was available. It was a lie. The state constantly lies about money on behalf of the One Percent who fund their election campaigns. All states lie to benefit their One Percent campaign donors and against the public.

The state can easily afford these marginal payouts of 5 percent to the public school employees and other state workers, and in fact the state can easily afford much more than that. Simply reinstating the temporary severance tax would have more than covered the 5 percent raises, with an additional $25 million left over. Yes, the state could have easily afforded even more than a 10 percent pay raise. The officials have simply been lying all along when claiming otherwise. They are professionals at it. Professional liars. The school workers finally pushed forcefully back a bit against some of the lies. Many more lies remain to be pushed back against and are to be increasingly overcome.

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