Landlords Versus The People: Morgantown City Council Elections, 2017

Sam Wilkinson writes at thecityofmorgantown blog: 

Confirmed: Local Landlords Trying To Buy Morgantown’s City Council

Also: Some Local Landlords Appear To Be Especially Interested In Buying Morgantown’s City Council

Sam Wilkinson’s articles should be front page stories in the Dominion Post and also lead on WBOY.

This month’s Morgantown City Council Election has come down to this: the Landlords versus the People.

Candidates supported by individual donors:
Ward 1 – Rachel Fetty
Ward 2 – Bill Kawecki
Ward 3 – Ryan Wallace
Ward 4 – Jenny Selin
Ward 5 – Ron Dulaney Jr.
Ward 6 – Mark Brazaitis
Ward 7 – Barry Wendell

Candidates supported by a special interest landlord PAC:
Ward 1 – Ron Bane
Ward 2 – Al Bonner
Ward 3 – Wes Nugent
Ward 4 – Eldon Callen
Ward 5 – Kyle McAvoy
Ward 6 – Jay Redmond
Ward 7 – Bill Graham

The needs, priorities, and preferences of the public will be represented by Rachel Fetty, Bill Kawecki, Ryan Wallace, Jenny Selin, Ron Dulaney Jr., Mark Brazaitis, and Barry Wendell far moreso than by any other candidates.

Those other candidates have the financial backing of the NCWVBO landlord political action committee, showing where their allegiance lies.

Early voting is ongoing now through the end of voting on April 25.


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