Derelict WVU

WVU administration must forcefully ally with WVU faculty and students to act decisively to stop the campus carry bill: WVU should move to curtail the nationally renowned football and basketball seasons until loaded lethal weapons – killing machines – are banned from college classrooms, dining halls, residence halls, and all campus.

WVU admin possesses big weapons. It needs to use them to stop the insanity of loaded lethal weapons in classrooms.

It remains disgusting and derelict that the full force of WVU has not been summoned to quash the obscenity of loaded lethal weapons – killing machines – in classrooms.

WVU Vice President Alsop foolishly and wrongly publicly states that WVU is not united on this issue, and that it would be a “disaster” if WVU could not host NCAA sports events, which his exemptions in the bill are protecting, the “most sensitive” areas, as Alsop calls them. Yes, sensitive to the Athletic Department’s budget. The real disaster is putting killing machines in college classrooms. In dining halls. In residence halls. Anywhere on campus.

The leadership of WVU in regard to this bill has been atrocious, to put it mildly. It’s a shit show.

French great Victor Hugo once wrote that (the French equivalent of) “shit” is “the finest word in the French language.” It is also the finest word in the English language. And WVU admin is covered in it right now.

VP Alsop’s resignation should be demanded, as a matter of course. And not his alone. The lethargy, incompetence, and basic acquiescence of WVU admin remains appalling and inexcusable. It stands in stark contrast to the energy, the integrity, and the actions of the WVU faculty and students in opposing the legalization of loaded lethal weapons in classrooms and all across campus.

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