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A Few Questions for the Monongalia County Superintendent and School Board

  • Why does the board refuse to acknowledge that a school can be built on 4 acres? A site waiver is permissable. To keep saying you must have 7 acres is wrong.
  • Why should we move a school from a horrible intersection (Easton) to an even worse intersection (the Mileground)?
  • Why does the board accept the false information the architect Ted Shriver presented about the ability for Woodburn to earn LEED credits? If Ted had accurately done his homework, the public and the board would have seen that the Woodburn site could actually earn MORE LEED credits than the Mileground. Why does the board refuse to publically correct and acknowledge this?
  • Why does the board continue down the path of consolidation, when the rest of the country is deciding this is not working?
  • Why does the board not ask WVU for the property next to the new Mountaineer Middle and build an elementary school there? It would be a more pleasant location and create an Elementary-Middle School complex and could be great in light of the next question about redistricting.
  • Will redistricting happen? Easton kids go to Mountaineer Middle and UHS. Woodburn kids go to Suncrest and MHS. Will you be changing this as rumor has it? How will the redistricting work?
  • Why does the board refuse to acknowledge that there is undermining on the Mileground site which would require filling with grout?
  • Why does the board not build two smaller schools, keeping them in neighborhoods more closely connected to where people live?
  • Why did Barbara Parsons say on the radio that the board has not ruled out sending some of the Easton kids to Cheat Lake? Is that so? Who will attend the new school? Overflow from North? Come clean on this one.
  • Why does the board choose to spend 1 million dollars more for development of the Mileground site over development on the property they already own, Woodburn?
  • Why does the board continue to report they would need 28 properties to build on Woodburn when that is wrong? This is misleading. Four acres are permitted with a waiver and it has been shown that a school for 450 students can be built on this much land. It has been told that there are two willing property sellers adjacent to the Woodburn site. Building on this site would save the school board close to $1 million dollars.
  • Just because the board has consolidated every other school in Mon County (except Suncrest!), we don’t have to go down this road. It is not too late to think differently. There is another funding round coming up on Nov. 1. We can apply for funds then. SBA director March Manchin has said he is “eager to build a green school with Mon County.” The money will come.
  • The state mandates universal student access for pre-K instruction by the 2011-2012 school year. How many students will this add to Monongalia County Schools over and above 2010 enrollment? Is there a projection? Has it been made public? If not, why not? How will this affect school expansion?
  • Mon schools is likely to expand the proposed Mileground school far beyond 450 students. Will the school district agree to cap enrollment at 450?
  • The superintendent and current board apparently want the school district to be limited to 10 elementary schools. It needs at least 11. In the years 2005-2012 the number of elementary schools will have plunged from 15 to 10, and average elementary school enrollment will have skyrocketed by 70 percent, and continue to climb. Is the school district currently seeking funds for at least one additional elementary school beyond the green school? If not, why not?

Ask questions. Demand answers.

Woodburn Closing Hearing: Thursday, June 24, 6:00 at Morgantown High School.

(Easton Closing Hearing: Tuesday, June 22, 6:00 at University High School)

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