What Do You Want The Mileground To Be?


Take the digital tour of the WV Department of Transportation options for the 705 Connector, widening 705 and the Mileground from Easton Elementary up to the Mileground and across to 705 and on down 705 to Stewartstown Road. Leave your comments. See what has been left out: the proposed green school, a decent median on the roundabout option, and a ton of information.
First – The comments that the DoT is soliciting onsite should be made publicly available as they are posted on the DoT website, rather than be hidden as they currently are. No public agency should so restrict access to public ideas, opinions, and information.

Second – Why the (apparent) “Jersey barrier” (a wall of concrete barriers in the middle of the road) with the roundabout option? Why not a grass median? Or something just as safe or safer than a “Jersey barrier” and more aesthetic?

Third – Where is the missing spoke on the 705/Mileground roundabout that would go to the proposed elementary school at that intersection? Where are the missing entrances to the school on both options? Where is the school? Has it been canceled?

Fourth – What would be the speed limits on both options, including at the proposed school intersection?

Fifth – What are the projected rates and severities of accidents with both options? the projected health and safety rates? What are the projected pollution rates, the projected fuel savings rates, the projected traffic congestion rates with both options?

Sixth – Will any cross traffic be tolerated in the roundabout option at the central car dealership on the Mileground, or at the Yesterdays/China One developments (Donna Avenue)? Why allow that danger? Why not develop alternatives to cross traffic at those two spots, such as improved northbound access to Donna Avenue from Airport Boulevard off the roundabout? Why not an underpass for the car dealership?

Seventh- A DoT response to comments should be made as quickly as possible and publicly, especially given the impending deadlines for the proposed intersection elementary school.

Eighth- A public meeting should be held in Morgantown to discuss the latest designs and their implications. Parents of all students who might attend the proposed 705/Mileground intersection green school should be contacted directly with specific information about the road expansion, the proposed school, and attending the meeting.

Ninth – Saner heads should prevail: the Monongalia County School District should be firmly discouraged from building an elementary school at that congested, high-traffic, dangerous, and polluted (air and sound) 705/Mileground intersection. A traffic fatality across from the proposed school grounds occurred there on 705 just this past week.

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