No Room At This Inn


Monongalia County Schools intends to blow through about $15 million of local, state, and federal funds to build the green elementary school that has the effect of REDUCING school capacity by 32 seats. According to public records, Easton and Woodburn schools combined currently can accommodate 482 students. And according to public record, the green school is to open at a capacity of 450.

Meanwhile, of the 4 elementaries nearest to Woodburn school and Easton school, last year 2 operated overcapacity, another operated at 96 percent capacity and the other at 85 percent. “Our school is packed,” one of the area principals notes on the verge of the new school year, “the whole district is.

So instead of using $15 million to build two schools for 300-350 children, Mon Schools intends to build one for 450. This is true genius. We know this is true genius because both Mon Schools and the West Virginia School Building Authority say the seat-cutting, consolidating, excessively expensive, cringe-inducing siting and intended creation of the green school is a great thing. When Mon Schools and the West Virginia SBA say something is a great thing, what sane person can argue otherwise?

Does Monongalia County Schools want to be taken over by the West Virginia Department of Education? It makes a great case for itself.

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