Dead Pedestrians


In case anyone missed it: a City Council member pointedly joked at Thursday’s MPO meeting:

“The only pedestrians on the Mileground are dead ones.”

No crosswalks are planned at the 705 Mileground intersection for the elementary school intended to be sited there. Having observed the roads, ENTRAN is “assuming no pedestrian activity.”

We should all deeply appreciate the dead pedestrians remark. It could not be more appropriate.

That the intended commuter and commercial intersection school site is preposterous goes without saying. But if one must say something, “dead pedestrians” and “no pedestrian activity” say it all.

Now that an apartment fire has left 20 people homeless, killed pets, blown up a NAPA Auto Parts store, and destroyed a nail salon across the road from the intended green school site (this Saturday morning), this is a good time to reflect on what would become of the schoolchildren should a gas or chemical tanker truck blow up in an accident at the 705/119 intersection.

Yes, it is so beautifully responsible to site a large school for small children at a dangerous, congested, major commuter and commercial traffic intersection.

Commuters are going to love, too, the 15 mph school speed zones stretching along all the roads leading to and from the intersection in every direction.

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