The School Board is Awful


It has been said before and needs to be said again: the Monongalia County School Board and the Superintendent in their professional school capacities are awful. Such a great example for the schoolchildren of the county.

How so?

See the details throughout this site.

And now on OPEB – Other Post-Employment Benefits.

The most recent example of their awfulness is the irrationality and vacuity by which Mon Schools expressed its decision to not join a lawsuit against the state which has moved to shove outrageous health care costs down the county’s throat, an aggressive and abusive move by the state – one made by appointees of the Governor – that likely doubles as an effort to strong-arm the county (and all the counties) into further subservience to whatever else the state dictates and has tried to dictate in the past.

Jim Bissett reports in the Dominion Post that the state Public Employees Insurance Agency is forcing each county in West Virginia to pay for the state mandated Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB), which would, Mon School Board President Parsons notes, “break the county” and all the other public schools in the state, forcing them into bankruptcy and state takeover or at best to severely strip the schools of resources, offerings, benefits, facilities. Yet the board voted not to join again with the other counties, in a lawsuit against the state, in appealing a court ruling against them on the matter.

“It would be [like] suing your mother,” board member Mike Kelly said absurdly. The mother who would “break” you?

Rather, it would be like suing an abusive guardian for your own life and well being. It’s self defense. The board needs to stand up for the county, for the children and the teachers and staff in the school system that the board is to serve, to protect, and to defend against whoever would abuse them, including the state.

It is long since time for the school board and for the top school administration to stop being awful.

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