Wrong Again


In conversation with Dominion Post editors, school board candidate Mike Kelly falsely claims “homes would have to be condemned” around the Woodburn schoolgrounds to build a new school there. That was the outrageous option outlined by the school board’s architect, which would have condemned many homes (taking them by eminent domain). The Woodburn group’s plan condemns zero homes and would purchase two or three from willing sellers only.

Board candidate Junior Taylor is right to reject the grotesque Mileground site for the new elementary school. He points to the obvious mistrust and contention generated by the board, the irresponsible haste (to put it politely and mildly) of the board, the secrecy, the isolated decision-making and the overall inappropriate decision to locate a school in the polluted middle of high traffic and congestion.

Junior Taylor has otherwise had first-hand experience with Mon Schools administration’s callousness and incompetence in having to fight hard for the appropriate best education for his child.

Junior Taylor is by far the best choice for school board on the ballot this November.

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