The Gangrene School


What’s the saying, useful trope?

Never believe anything until it is officially denied.

Monongalia County Superintendent of Schools, Frank Devono:

“We’ve done everything to the letter throughout the whole process, and we’re confident that any judge will see that.” -Dominion Post, November 19, 2010.

To the Letter!

What letter would that be?

G? For Green, that is, Gangrene process and school?

W? For Wrong, again?

M? For Misinformation?

F? For Failure to provide accurate information to the public throughout the course of the project?

Yes, the letter is clear. Overall, Devono and the BOE have “done everything to the letter” – assuming the letter is G, W, M, or F.

Letters as Gangrene Weapons of Mass Failure.

Mon BOE: Gangrenous and Wrong, Misinforming and Failing the public and the students.

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