Mon Schools: A Nest of Vipers


Will the administrators at Monongalia County Schools ever grow up and out of their culture of bullying? How do they expect to deal with any bullying among students when the administrators don’t hesitate to bully themselves? The administrators continue to try to bully a new elementary school into a zone of health damaging vehicle exhaust and crash-prone heavy traffic over the loud protests of parents. The school board bullies forward onto the site right along with the administration.

There is something rotten in Mon Schools. It starts in Central Office, is rubber stamped or overlooked by the school board, and extends out from there.

And they talk about reducing bullying among the students. What a joke. The administration needs to first get rid of its own despicable culture of bullying.

One Response to “Mon Schools: A Nest of Vipers”

  1. workplace bullies at its best Says:

    seems like they do that a can not have an opinion you have to agree with them and if you tell them something is wrong they make you out to be the problem.
    seen it first hand with my own experiences and colleagues.
    no wonder people do not speak up more Retaliation in Mon.Co.schools is at its best.and Bullying is there best way
    to teach their employees to shut freedom of speech in MCBOE or look out you are blackballed…..

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