Woodburn Will


In the early morn of Groundhog Day, Woodburn Will trundled out of his sidehill burrow, stood up on his hind legs, sniffed the dewy air, scanned the bright sky and chattered in such a way as to declare that the Woodburn neighborhood of Morgantown will win its lawsuit against the local and state educational agencies, in favor of the health and safety of the area schoolchildren.

“No school on the Mileground!” declared Will with a wag of his little tail and one paw stretched high in the air.

Woodburn Will kicked some patchy snow across the winter grass, ambled about, then ducked back into his burrow for a few more weeks hibernation.

Woodburn Will

One Response to “Woodburn Will”

  1. snowman Says:

    Woodburn Will looks like he may be sniffing several things in the air. Looks like he and others are starting to see the corruption in Monongalia County. What will be coming out next?
    How many people do we pay with taxpayers’ money to get their degree who work for Monongalia County Schools? Maybe a FOIA needs to be requested.

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