Unions Call Out the BOE


That’s the Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination over totally unjustifiable pay to the superintendent, especially as compared to the lack of pay to the teachers, bus drivers, and other workers.

Charleston Daily Mail:

Bob Hendricks, who teaches biology at Morgantown High, said there’s a disconnect between teachers and the central office — and that the board reinforced his feelings when it granted the raise to Devono after 70 teachers and other workers landed on the reduction-inforce list for layoffs next year.

“It’s starting to feel like ‘us versus them,’ ” he said of the board. “They’re definitely marginalizing what we do.”

Meanwhile Monongalia County Schools moves ahead with its $6 million plan to refurbish the downtown football field.

An entire small school could be built with that money, or close to it, a school that is badly needed.

Couple that $6 million instead with the Eastwood green school funding and that’s enough money to build the TWO modest sized elementary schools that the county badly needs. And at good locations.

The town financial fathers and and the town financial mothers in Morgantown need to get together with the BOE to better prioritize their spending decisions.

$6 million dollars for a football field when you’ve got schools, or lack thereof, going unfunded, and when you’ve got workers without cost of living raises, essentially taking pay cuts?

“The money, though, said Pam Korzun, isn’t trickling down the system. She and her fellow aides, she said, can’t get a cost-of-living raise.”

Where are the adults on the board?

Did they leave the building with Elvis?

“I just want you to know we appreciate your hard work and your passion,” board president Barbara Parsons said at the meeting.

President Parsons should can her condescending references to other people’s passion. And she should lead the board into putting its money where its mouth (sometimes) is. Otherwise, they are what they are on the Mon school board: patronizing and derelict.

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