WNA Meeting and Minutes


Susan Eason reports:

The Woodburn Association of Neighbors will hold its next meeting on Monday, March 28 at 7:00 p.m. Location is to be announced.  Please mark your calendar and plan to join us.  We hope to meet more frequently so more folks can be involved!

If you have items for the agenda please email me (susanchris@frontier.com).

Items so far on agenda:

– Spring Clean Up Day (April 16?), Planting of Flowers
– Housing Authority Update (?)
– MUB Storm Drain Marking
– Year of the Neighborhood Celebrations
– “Walk -Through/Drive-through” the neighborhood with City Manager, Terrence Moore, Thursday, April 14, 10 a.m.-12 noon.

Minutes are below.

Minutes Woodburn Association of Neighbors
7:00 p.m., Monday, February 28, 2011
Woodburn Elementary School

Present: Tony Christini, Marti Shamberger, Ruth Donaldson, Tamara Riegel, Paul Atkins, Wendy Cern, Donna Hartman, Jim Manilla, Ron Bane, Wes Nugent, Keri Nugent, Chris Haddox, Bob Merow, Terrence Moore, Charlene Brown, Rohe Helm, Alice Helm, Sarah Beamer, Mark Furfari, Julie Lattanzi, Nancy Ganz, John Gaddis, Mary Gaddis, Susan Eason.

President, Donna Hartman welcomed everyone and ask each person to introduce themselves.

1. Minutes were reviewed.  A motion was made to approve the minutes and seconded.  The minutes were received by acclamation.

2. New City Manager, Terrence Moore was welcomed and given time to speak.  He said he was trying to visit all the Neighborhood Associations to get to know folks.  He liked the vision of the city and hopes to help the city expand upon it.  He shared his background, serving most recently as city manager for Las Cruces, NM.  He sited he was attracted to Morgantown because it is a growth-oriented and university city.  He noted that he has made some changes already, moving Code Enforcement out of the Engineering Department and put it under the Planning Department which has been renamed the Development Services Office.  He also commented on the city’s attempt to do better at removing snow from streets.  He mentioned he had had a meeting with Superintendent of Schools Frank Devono and hopes to foster that relationship.

Those present shared concerns with Moore about the loss of a school in the neighborhood and the impact that the vacant school could have on the community.  Concerns were expressed about the desire to have a school in the community, which he noted was the trend in urban design and development (to bring schools back to where kids can walk).  He heard concerns about the school falling into BoParc responsibility.  He heard the desire for Woodburn residents to be a part of, and at the least to be aware of, any conversations about what to do with the building.  Other concerns expressed to Moore pertained to Code Enforcement, trash and zoning.

3.  New Woodburn Principal, Charlene Brown was welcomed and given time to speak.  She previously served as Assistant Principal at University High School (6 years) and twenty-one years at the Alternative Learning Center in Westover.  She shared that the staff at Woodburn works well together as a team, are very caring and want success.  She shared she has opened the staff to new possibilities.  She reported that Woodburn and Easton staff have received a WV Innovation Zone Grant.  This grant is designed to teach teachers to do more Project Based Learning focusing on green technologies. They hope this will increase motivation, give hands on opportunities for learning, and increase knowledge.  She highlighted that she is working on developing a summer program for Reading and Math that will be held at Woodburn.  A WVU PhD student will help to develop this.  She hopes that Energy Express, a state summer program for reading and math, will be able to come to Woodburn next year.  The school is also looking into offering Foreign Language study in the mornings before school starts.

Association members reported concerns about the buses blocking the streets before and after school.  Folks asked that enough room be left between buses so that cars could get around when buses were just sitting there waiting.  The group also expressed concern about grass being left uncut in the summer, the parking lot becoming a party lot after hours and could it be roped off again and the general poor look of the parking lot and lower in front of the lot that looks like a mud pit. It was noted the school sign is in need of repair too.

Principal Brown invited a member of the community to be a part of the School Improvement Plan and for all members of the Woodburn Association to come to the Beautification Day coming up on Saturday, May 7.

4. Tony Christini reported on the lawsuit he has filed against Mon BOE and WV Board of Education and the School Building Authority. The suit was recently dismissed on a technicality and Tony has resubmitted the case and is waiting to hear what will happen.  He recently learned that the Mon BOE is looking to buy additional acreage from the adjacent Trailer Park to make room for the proposed Eastwood School (if Tony loses the court case).  The costs for the new green school are creeping up towards $21 million dollars.

5. City Council WomanMarti Shamberger reported that she is happy to receive calls from folks.  She remarked that most of the calls she receives are related to trash and noise.  She reported:

-the city will be trying a pilot program to vote by mail in the city election.  She explained the process and shared a brochure.  She also said there is a link on the city website for people to access. Go to http://www.morgantown.com for more information. She

– The Year of the Neighborhood- City Council is supporting an initiative to highlight the work and life in the neighborhoods.  She asked that we write articles about our neighborhood, highlight who serves on what boards and commissions, highlight what we are already doing; offer different activities to promote the neighborhoods. BoParc would like to have a presence in each neighborhood.  She mentioned dong something with the real estate community. John Gaddis shared how some communities have had “competitions” like a chili cook off to raise money for the Rosenbaum House.  There is a citywide events calendar where neighborhood events can be posted.

– Vacancy on Traffic Commission- Tony Barill is no longer serving on the Traffic Commission.  Anyone who would like to apply may do so by going to the city website.  The commission meets the first Wednesday of each month.

6.   Election of Officers

Slate:  President- Susan Eason

Vice President- Steve Gunno

Treasurer- Tamara Riegel

Secretary- Donna Hartman

The floor was opened for additional nominations.  No others were offered.  The slate was unanimously approved.

7.  Tamara Riegel received $5.00 annual dues.

8. Other concerns:

– Need a streetlight on Eastend Avenue.

– Who has created a parking lot on Parsons?

– Graffiti on dumpster at the school?

– Charles Avenue needs paving.  After all the MUB work there is nothing but holes even though they have attempted filling these in.

– Perhaps Rob Gatian could help with a new Woodburn sign at the school.

– Could the Neighborhood Association meet monthly?  The group will try to do that.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Next Meeting, Monday, March 28, 7:00 p.m.



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