You Will Be The Last To Know


Far too often, Mon Schools can be counted on to be the last agency to publicize what the public most needs to know.

It was repeated FOIA requests, formal and informal, by multiple individuals, that forced Mon Schools to put online some limited information about the intended new Eastwood School on the Mileground.

Only through the inaccurate information posted in those materials, but information nonetheless, were we able to figure out that Mon Schools seemed intent upon purchasing about 2.5 acres of the trailer park for the school site. We then confirmed this with the owner of the trailer park who had a tentative agreement, reached several months ago, to sell the land to Mon Schools. An agreement that would only be stopped by outside force, namely, the pending lawsuit.

Mon Schools publicized this life-changing decision to nobody, apparently, to none of the public, least of all to the residents of the trailer park, who had been led to believe for many months that they would be getting a new school in their backyard, rather than being evicted by the school, that is, having their eviction guaranteed by Mon Schools’ purchase.

That’s business as usual in Monongalia County Schools.

And Mon Schools has the gall to lament its outreach problem.

Agencies that operate covertly, whose officials then publicly despair at their inability to reach out to the public, don’t have an outreach problem. They have a forked tongue problem.

See also: doublespeak.

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