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The original MPO document (above and below) depicts only the proposed “Falling Run Corridor” connecting downtown Morgantown to WV 705 near the Mileground. Everything else in color is not included in the original MPO document and was subsequently added, based on information gathered from various other documents from a variety of organizations.

Below, “Eastwood” and the red arrows and red dot were added to the MPO document.

Note that of the MPO Tier 1 priority projects (see map and legend below), the project prioritized second (Beechurst) is already completed, and the first priority (705 & Mileground) is essentially in progress. Thus the very next two Tier 1 (i.e., major) projects prioritized are the Falling Run Corridor and the Hartman Road Connector, both of which feed directly into the Eastwood traffic vortex, at the intersection of WV 705 and US 119 (Mileground Road). These next two priority projects are depicted in blue (by the MPO) and in scarlet (by us) on the map above, and both are listed on the map below where only the prioritized Hartman Run Connector is depicted by the MPO.

File:School sign US.svg

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