Kenna Elementary in Jackson County WV




(circle the correct answer)

1. Which site does not meet the criteria of the WV State Board of Education’s Policy 6200,
site planning for new schools?    Option A / Option B

2. Which site is an industrial park?   Option A / Option B

3. Which site was chosen by the Jackson County Board of Education for a new school
at Kenna?   Option A / Option B

Option A

Option B

Pictures from “A Close Look at Kenna Ridge” PowerPoint


Jackson County Board of Education’s chosen site for the school children of our community.


On November 10, 2006, in a special meeting held three nights after the school bond issue was defeated 75%/25%, the Jackson County Board of Education voted 3-2 to purchase six acres @ $80,000 per acre ($480,000) in the Kenna Ridge Business Park to relocate Kenna Elementary School. The developer donated an additional six acres of level land and six acres of unusable hillside.

The Rules:

POLICY 6200 WV Bd of Ed Handbook on Planning School Facilities Chapter 2,

Section 202.06 states: For the safety of students, the site shall be located away from hazards and undesirable environments, such as: arterial highways, noise and property zoned as industrial

Is it an industrial park?

The Law:

Money for the access road into Kenna Ridge came from the WV Industrial Access Road Fund (IARF). WV Code Chapter 17-3A-1 states “Moneys in the fund shall be used for constructing industrial access roads to industrial sites on which manufacturing, distribution, processing or other economic development activities are already constructed or are under firm contract to be constructed.”

The Jackson County Commission signed a resolution to support an application to fund the Industrial Park Access Road at Kenna Ridge on January 6, 2005. The Jackson County Development Authorityawarded contract for Industrial Access Road at their November 6, 2007 meeting. Yet our board members and their spokespersons continue to say it is not an industrial park.

There is no zoning in rural Jackson County, however, there is one area in southern Jackson County that is zoned as industrial. Kenna Ridge became zoned as industrial when funds for the road were approved.

To see the PowerPoint presentation

“A Close Look at Kenna Ridge”

log on to

Click on “Kenna School Being Dumped into an Industrial Park

Includes pictures of

  • Kenna Ridge businesses
  • the one entrance/exit road
  • surrounding safety issues
  • emergency escape routes
  • industrial accidents
  • catalogue of industrial parks
  • newspaper clippings

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