The Eastwood Elementary Mileground Roundabout Completion Date


As of August 22, 2012, the West Virginia Division of Highways has set May 1, 2013, as the target completion date for the Eastwood Mileground Roundabout. That is 3 weeks before the last scheduled day of school. DOH:

“Stage 1 Construction: This [roundabout] project has an Interim Completion Date of May 1, 2013…. Stage 1 Construction shall be complete with the roundabout and school access road open to permanent, uninterrupted traffic flow in the final plan condition.”

[Update: the roundabout stage 1 completion date has now been pushed back to July, 2013.] The DOH has reportedly denied Mon Schools any access/egress for Eastwood via highway 705. [Update: dicey and difficult temporary access/egress has now been granted by DOH via WV 705.] The 705/119 intersection roundabout now is no option until May 1. Mon Schools has no access to or from Eastwood via the Mileground, the only other possibility, unless it negotiates a right-of-way and constructs a suitable roadway. Meanwhile the school building and campus remain uncompleted.

As noted previously, Mon Schools would be foolish, at best, to try to consolidate Easton and Woodburn schools at Eastwood this school-year. Any such move continues to look less and less sensible, or even possible.

Look out for high speeds and many vehicle conflicts. And where are any school or pedestrian signs?

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