Morgantown Mayor Jim “Tear Gas” Manilla And WVU Team-Up To Ambush Students This Weekend


Anyone brought in needs to be fined at the max, and if it’s arson, it’s arson, and they are criminals,” Manilla told the AP. “And I think that is the sum of the ideas for the short term.

The sum of the ideas. Indeed. No post-game concert behind the Mountainlair Student Union? No “fun alternative” sensibly suggested by WVU faculty to help mellow-out the boozed-up adrenaline rush of the football game. Nothing to temper the campus.

No, the “sum of the ideas” is to cede the university and town, by lowering things to the level of a rough ballgame in getting increasingly rough and tough with students who the WVU administration label as the opposition:

When it comes to telling the public how officials will deal with future rioting following West Virginia University football games, school and Morgantown executives are adopting the same mantra. ‘It’s not a smart idea to dangle things in front of people and say, “Here’s your game plan”,’ said Corey Farris, WVU dean of students. ‘Coach Holgorsen doesn’t go out onto the field and give all the plays to the opposing team’.”

A campus-wide, town-wide violent sporting contest. What could possibly go wrong?

Morgantown Mayor Jim Manilla said he has at least one idea for future games. “We need to make sure we have double the tear gas we had over the weekend,” Manilla said.

What could possibly go wrong?

Tear Gas U. Utter mismanagement.

It’s worth repeating:

The most sensible public comment and suggestion for immediate action came from Associate Professor in the School of Medicine Joe Prudhomme who suggested, as reported by the Dominion Post, “opening up the stadium and having the game shown on the large screen and then having a concert afterward for the students.” Prudhomme noted the painfully obvious: “There has to be a fun alternative.”

Clearly. And it would pay to think about why exactly there does have to be a fun alternative.

Because otherwise you are left with a boozed-up, smash-mouth atmosphere, in a kind of vacuum. Now why is that?

4 Responses to “Morgantown Mayor Jim “Tear Gas” Manilla And WVU Team-Up To Ambush Students This Weekend”

  1. Jim Ma nills Says:

    We have been discussing short and long term ideas. It’s on going. This article is not accurate. If anyone would like to discuss this I would be more then happy to. Our first responders were getting bottles and bricks thrown at them. My number and e-mail is on the cities website and I can attend any of your neighborhood meetings. Just let me know.

    Jim Manilla

  2. Jim Manilla Says:

    The article is correct. That’s not my point. As I said I’m willing to discuss this with anyone. I’m willing to listen to any ideas. You read the article and put it your own spin to it. Which is incorrect. My number is 216-8671. So far no one has contacted me. Anyone, please feel free to call.

    • newcommunityschool Says:

      Look, the post here is correct. It is also accurate. What you apparently refer to as spin is the style, tone, implication, insinuation, and opinion of the post. Which are also bang on. You disagree. Fine. It’s clear. The post was not written to you. It was written to the public, who is the audience of the information, analysis, and opinion of this blog. That said, you are certainly free to explain yourself further here, if you wish, which you don’t seem to. So be it.

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