More Questions for Superintendent Devono and the School Board


1. What studies of the value of small-school or community-school education did Mr. Devono, the BOE, and/or their representatives consult in deciding to build a consolidated school outside of either the Woodburn or Eastern communities? Given the preponderance of data supporting the superiority of small-school and community-school education, was the decision to build on the Mileground, then, strictly a decision based on what Mr. Devono and the BOE perceived as a less expensive option? If so, how is it a less expensive option and is the price of depriving children of a superior education factored into this “cost”?

2. Given the numerous errors in the BOE-hired architect’s presentation, including a gross misrepresentation of the viability of the Woodburn site, shouldn’t Mr. Devono and the BOE, in consultation with representatives of Woodburn and Easton, arrange for a second opinion? Doesn’t the amount of money that is going to be spent on this endeavor and the magnitude of its impact on Morgantown’s children and public warrant another look?

3. Did Mr. Devono, the BOE, and/or their representatives ever discuss the moral implications of situating an elementary school in the vicinity of adult-only businesses?

4. Given the strong opposition to a Mileground site from constituencies all over the country, what constituency or group does Mr. Devono and the BOE believe it is representing in choosing the Mileground site? To what extent has this constituency expressed its preference? Please be specific.

5. Would Mr. Devono and/or the BOE consider participating in a forum of experts on primary-school education from WVU and elsewhere in which various plans for the consolidated school, as well as plans to maintain the two community schools, were discussed and debated?

6. A sign of excellent leadership is the courage to change one’s mind when new information presents itself. Given everything that has been presented to you in the last few weeks, can the affected communities and people all over Morgantown and Mon County hold out hope that you and the BOE might take a good, hard second look at this situation and reconsider?

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