Yes, Questions Are Allowed


Dialogue should be continuously encouraged.

Per the legal ad in the Dominion Post, excerpted below (bold emphases added):

PROPOSED ACTION OF THE BOARD: The closure of Woodburn Elementary and consolidation of Woodburn Elementary with Easton Elementary into a newly constructed facility at the end of the 2011-2012 school year, resulting in the reassignment of its student population. After all members of the public have had an opportunity to submit statements and testimony and to question school officials, the Board will vote on the proposed action of the Board on Tuesday, June 29, 2010. …

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION: Members of the public may be present, submit statements and testimony, and question county officials.Members of the public who desire to submit statements and testimony or to Question county school officials shall be afforded with an opportunity to register beginning one hour prior to the start of the public hearing and ending at the start of the public hearing. Persons shall not be permitted to register at any reconvened public hearing session. Persons shall be called upon in the order of registration. All questions shall be initially directed to the Superintendent who may answer the question or designate another school official to answer the question. Based upon the number of persons who register, the presiding officer may limit, in a uniform manner, the time allotted to each individu al. However, the time allotted may be limited to a period five minutes. Registered individuals may not assign or relinquish their allotted time to another individual. Responses to questions by school officials shall not be included in a period of allotted time. Written materials may be submitted by the deadline indicated above, but may not be submitted during the public hearing.

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