Carte Goodwin, Joe Manchin, SBA, & Green School


What do new US Senator from WV Carte Goodwin & WV Governor (and US  Senate candidate) Joe Manchin & the WV School Building Authority & the Green School have in common?

Carte Goodwin “was at one time the chairman…of the West Virginia School Building Authority” (appointed by Governor Joe Manchin), and Carte Goodwin represented Governor Manchin on the panel that hired current SBA Director Mark Manchin (the Governor’s cousin). Governor Manchin remains the President of the SBA Board. The SBA, under the leadership of Joe and Mark Manchin, is funding the green school building (though not the land acquisition and mine-fill costs).

For what it’s worth.

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4 Responses to “Carte Goodwin, Joe Manchin, SBA, & Green School”

  1. Rachel Martin Says:

    Huh … .

    I’m telling you, someone (whose brain works more in this way than mine) needs to make a flow chart, mapping the folks involved in all this, what each person/organization’s interests are, and how they inter-relate … .

    And, just for a random-ish thought: Has anyone else thought “carte blanche,” when looking at Mr. Goodwin’s name? I’m not sure where I’m going with that, besides just that the whole hold-my-seat-for-me process, regarding Mr. Goodwin, sort of creeps me out. Just sayin’ … .

    And on _that_ note, have y’all heard about Ken Hechler announcing his candidacy, for Byrd’s senate seat? :D I think he should be dubbed Father Jones, since he seems to have lived Mother Jones’ motto (though in a different way): “Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living.”

    Hechler may, maybe, not ultimately win, but the campaign could be one hell of a platform, for all sorts of issues. (Yeah?)

  2. newcommunityschool Says:

    For a start, see here:
    One of Monongalia Schools Assistant Superintendents, Rebecca Mattern, is said to be college roommate of the Governor’s wife, Gayle Manchin, as well as married to a WVU Board of Governors officer, Ted Mattern. Lots of these folks have Fairmont connections, but also plenty of close connections between and within Morgantown, Cheat Lake, and Charleston.

    The public should also be aware that School Board President at the time Nancy Walker with Superintendent Frank Devono met with Woodburn residents in Woodburn as far back as the summer of 2008 and at that time put down the idea of building a new school on the Woodburn school grounds.

    At that time Nancy Walker’s husband Craig Walker was the Chief of Staff for WVU President Mike Garrison, and Narvel Weese was then as he continues to be the WVU Vice President of Administration and Finance. As we have seen Weese has handled WVU decision-making and correspondence with the public about locating, denying, and proposed selling of pricey WVU land to the Mon BOE for the green school.

    Due to the MBA degree scandal with Heather Bresch (top Mylan executive & daughter of Gov. Manchin), Mike Garrison and Craig Walker both resigned on September 1, 2008. Meanwhile Narvel Weese has remained a Vice President.

    Mike Garrison had formerly lobbied for 705-5 Development Group (developers of the Suncrest Towne Center & Condos very near Devono’s original preferred site for the green school) and many others:

    One could go on and draw even tighter connections, and certainly many, many more.

    I’ll add that too few people have too much power, and they are not remotely accountable enough to the public. That’s a basic problem. And some sunshine needs to be shed on it.

  3. Theresa Says:

    Are you Kidding?? Do you classify yourself as a self appointed conspiracy theorist or did you just forget to take your anti-paronia medication. Carte Goodwin was just appointed recently. How on Earth could you even bring him into this? it sounds like you have a lot of air to blow through your megaphone, but are using conjecture to present information to the public that may not have a factual basis.

  4. newcommunityschool Says:

    See the ton of facts we have documented on this site. Carte Goodwin is such a topical name lately that it helps draw visibility to our efforts, obviously. He is the furthest thing from a central player in all this, again, very obviously.

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