When Two Scandals Link: The Green School and the 705/Mileground Expansion


Will Mileground (and related) business interests force the WV Department of Highways to build the less safe of road expansion options? Will the DoH allow itself to succumb to such pressure? What is the position of WVU on the road expansion options? What is the position of Monongalia County Schools? And the County itself? The City?

These and various other public entities (see the MPO) would do well to take very public and very appropriate positions on this question, or risk opening themselves wide to public condemnation and legal action, not to mention the future increased potential for road danger and disaster. (Details forthcoming.)

In the meantime, Mon Schools and WVU, and others, push quickly to put an elementary school at the intersection. It’s an act of reckless and intransigent sprawl that all the mine-fill and surface concrete in the world can neither shore up nor cover up.

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