Bursting at the Seams


Today, WAJR reports on the unexpected student population boom in Monongalia County Schools, several hundred new students, and that the biggest boom is in the elementary schools that form a ring around Easton and Woodburn elementaries…(“North, Cheat Lake, Brookhaven, and Mountainview” elementaries) just as we have been reporting for months now.

Yet both Easton and Woodburn elementaries are slated to not only be closed but the number of available school seats will be reduced in the process, as we have also documented and reported.

Is Mon Schools finally being forced to wake up to the unsustainable combination of overcrowding in classrooms and on buses with the simultaneous school closures and the “unexpected” student population boom? Don’t people always flock to the cities during hard times? Watch as Mon Schools moves to rapidly expand, making big schools even bigger, while tearing community schools out of the neighborhoods. This irresponsible and negligent behavior must continue to be exposed and opposed.

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