Traffic Hell


The only online graphic of the intended WV705/US119 green school site and intersection can be found at slide 34 on the MPO/ENTRAN slide presentation online at the Monongalia Morgantown MPO website. This is currently the public’s best chance to preview potential road access to that school site. Unfortunately, the graphic shows an option that was not remotely discussed by WV DoH consultant Tom Creasey during the recent ENTRAN/DoH MPO presentation on that intersection. What’s going on?

At the MPO presentation, there was zero discussion of bisecting the armory with a through road, which the slide shows. Moreover, in slide 34, the spoke from the middle of the through road into the schoolgrounds is an impossibility because the through road bisects the school grounds at the only point where the school building can go. With a school, a through road anywhere through that general area is an impossibility. The misdirection/impossibility of the graphic is staggering. It’s total. Again, it is slide 34 and it is the only graphic of that key intersection in the 705 Connector project.

So, once again, we must question the basic competence of ENTRAN and of the DoH (also the Morgantown MPO) in regard to this intersection, and in regard to the intended school there. It’s bad enough that the Monongalia County School Board is completely incompetent in regard to the school siting. Is it just a coincidence that 2 of the 5 school board members also serve as 2 of the 4 Monongalia Morgantown MPO officers as well?

Again, it is not just the simultaneous release of North, Easton, and Woodburn Elementaries, nor just Mountaineer Middle School and University High School bus and car traffic that create traffic jams at the 705/119 intersection before, during, and after school peak p.m. traffic hour…it’s also the near-simultaneous release of a massive hospital and clinics and of the huge Mylan pharmaceuticals plant and other commercial and educational enterprises on and around 3:00 p.m. in this Morgantown area (including WVU offices and classes, and Morgantown Learning Academy just off the base of Easton hill, serviced only by many cars, no buses).

DoH and ENTRAN have claimed that the 5-6 hour is peak p.m. rush hour. At this point, we can legitimately wonder if that is even true, and we can begin to suspect that DoH does not have the evidence to show that it might actually be. Even if 5-6 is is the peak, the 2:30 to 3:30 traffic jam hour cannot be far behind. If at all. Can DoH prove it? Where’s the evidence? Who has seen heavier traffic at 705/119 at any time than between 2:30 and 3:30?

Adding a school at the 705/119 intersection is not only apparently completely unlawful by state siting code it is also ludicrous when traffic congestion and patterns are considered.

Ironically, slide 34 shows a school there to be an impossibility, even as DoH and ENTRAN continue to claim a school there is feasible. Regardless, it would be in everyone’s best interests to block the school from being sited there in Traffic Hell.

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