Bus Failure


Want a community school at a good site?

Too damn bad!

Want your child to have a seat on a bus?

Too damn bad!

Want the buses to arrive on time?

Too damn bad!

Monongalia County Schools administration is incompetent and negligent, as we have documented in detail.

Teachers at Woodburn Elementary are forced to stay on bus duty a half hour longer than they should because the buses have been so poorly scheduled that they show up late. As a result, the students at Woodburn Elementary sometimes arrive home a half hour later than they ought to.

Does your child have a seat on the bus? Some children have to stand.

Some states require seat belts for every student on a bus, but West Virginia apparently does not even require seats! The officials at the state Board of Education sure do set the standards high!

Good thing then, one would think, that at least Monongalia County Schools requires all students to be seated on a bus. Unfortunately, Mon Schools Director of Transportation Irv Schuetzner sees fit to override the policy! He did so last week:

This note from the Director completely violates Monongalia Schools Policies and Procedures, County File 5-08-12-3:

Transportation Services Management

15. The bus operator shall not allow at any time while the bus is in motion any student, including a student monitor, to stand.
The note also violates this policy:
12. The bus operator, at the close of each day, shall use the following procedures in loading the pupils:
3. See that all pupils are aboard and seated before the bus starts.
The note violates this policy too:
10. The bus operator shall see that all aisles leading to the doors are kept free from books, lunch baskets and other objects.
Monongalia County Schools: Where your child gets no community school and no seat on the bus!

One Response to “Bus Failure”

  1. terry Says:

    I got info that the bus garage blamed the driver for being late for woodburn school because he forgot some students at another school well just to let you know that is a lie. The driver sat at woodburn school from 315 till 333 then he was told to go get suncrest students well he was late before he started suncrest lets out at 315 woodburn lets out 340 ish. story is they just dont have enough drivers want to know why ?
    because there is too many quitting!
    want to know why?
    you treat people like dirt and they dont stay around!
    it’s that simple
    the other thing is major lack of communication, and team work between paul,irv,bill

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