7 Students to the Hospital


Ambulances from three counties were called to the scene.

by Stacy Moniot WBOY TV

MORGANTOWN — Seven students were taken to local hospitals after the school bus they were riding on was involved in an accident Tuesday morning, in Monongalia County.

The students all suffered minor injuries, officials said.

The accident happened after 8 a.m. on Halleck Road, according to 911 officials.

The bus was headed up hill on a sharp curve, when the driver of an oncoming Ford Focus lost control on the wet road and slid underneath the bus, state troopers said.

When the car slid under the bus, it broke the bus’s drive shaft and shifted its axle. …

In future years, seat belts? as some states require. But for now, at least get the children seats. And timely bus schedules. If children on this bus had not had seats, what happens to them?

A parent of a child on the bus who was taken to the hospital notes in the comments below the story that it took a long time to get the children to the hospital because of traffic. Congestion is dangerous in many ways. That’s something that Monongalia County Schools officials don’t seem to realize in outrageously deciding to build a new elementary school at congestion central, the corner of WV 705 and US 119.

You don’t have kids stand on a bus, seats or no seats. And you don’t build schools at congested high traffic points. Time for Mon Schools’ negligence to stop.

3 Responses to “7 Students to the Hospital”

  1. Ken Price Says:

    My daughter was on that bus, she was thrown from one seat to another but came out without a scratch. My friend’s son was one that went to the hospital, his back looks like he took a swipe from a cane but is doing well and no worse for wear.

    I was irradiated hearing the statements made by bus garage officials on WAJR patting themselves on the back for their “great job” responding to the accident. I can’t recall his name, but he stated he manned the radios while his boss went out to, I dunno, gawk at the crash. Um sorry guys, that’s not a great job, that is the bare minimum required of your job.

    Further, the “investigation” into the crash claimed “hydroplaning” was the result of the accident and then just left it at that, where I know damn well the dude had to be flying around that curve to manage to slide under a freaking bus. There better be some sort of reckless driving charges levied on the freaking jerk that slammed into a giant yellow bus.

  2. terry Says:

    what should have been the first thing out of paul’s mouth when he arrived at the scene ?
    Are you and the students ok.
    But it wasnt
    was it your fault is what he said
    do you think that was the right thing I dont

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