Bus Chaos


Yesterday, students at Woodburn Elementary did not get on a bus until an hour after the school day ended, due to the ongoing bus scheduling problems.

And the school day now ends at Woodburn Elementary 10 minutes later than it did at the start of the year, apparently to accommodate the failed bus scheduling.

If school ends 10 minutes later now, how can it be that it does not begin ten minutes later too? Will Woodburn students end the school year weeks before the other schools because they have put in more time? Or will they remain prisoner to lousy bus planning?

Is the bus director now dictating the school system’s hours of operation? Maybe next, the teachers will be driving the buses. They might as well since they are doing plenty of extra bus duty as it is.

Will the teachers be paid extra for the extra duty?

Parents are asking where on earth their children are, and why aren’t they home already?

Who directs the bus circus? Does this person have any experience in busing?

One Response to “Bus Chaos”

  1. Clara Says:

    I call the bus garage today to find out what their excuse was for the chaos yesterday. First I was told that several drivers called off and they were short handed. Knowing that was a lie cause I was there for the whole thing I started to questioned why they hadn’t hired more drivers to which I was told nobody had applied for a job. Then I began to question why do all other schools seem to be dismissing on time…why was Woodburn and the Suncrest children(alot of who live in Woodburn) seem to be the only ones with bus problems. I was then told by the person on the phone that it was all about traffic, you see bus 152 has to come across 705 then across the Mileground and well bus 198 is coming across the Mileground too and with that being a HIGHLY CONGESTED AREA the buses were STUCK IN TRAFFIC. Now if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black…ISN’T THAT WHERE THE NEW GREEN SCHOOL IS GOING???? Really makes you wonder?????

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