Score One For The Bus Drivers


Below, despite its strange first paragraph, is an October 19 memo from Mon Schools Director of Transportation that shows pressure and publicity can work. Mon Schools was forced to totally reverse course, retract its policy violation, and put in writing that no students may stand on buses.

This comes less than a month after the Director wrote a September 22 memo making standing on buses acceptable, which violates several Mon Schools Policy and Procedure statutes.

The transportation department still has a long way to go to correct scheduling to get the buses running on time, that is getting some children home even close to on time.

Continued unjustified attempts to blame the bus drivers for the organizational problems of the schedulers should also be documented and publicized.

The same goes for any attempts to undercut the bus drivers’ standing, individually or as a group.

Why aren’t the bus drivers managing the bus drivers? As a group, the bus drivers could manage their schedules and operations better than any lone director. They could even contract out for a consultant from time to time, if need be. Has the Director ever even driven a bus?

And why is it front-and-center news at Mon Schools website that the superintendent is state Superintendent of the Year while Lester Lemasters who won the national Children’s Choice School Bus Driver of the Year award receives no recognition there? (It’s actually a binational award because Canada is included.) Once again, Mon Schools shows that it has its priorities completely out of order.

3 Responses to “Score One For The Bus Drivers”

  1. Dee Clutter bus 130 Says:

    Well aint that something!! I guess I am more then another pretty face in the crowd!!!! I think that is what I wanted to do several weeks ago and got called into irv office, by the way I am a hell of a lot cheaper then he is and yes I do have some college to back me up too. hell for that matter we could get a monkey with no education to make the same bullshit calls.

  2. outsiders thought Says:

    violates Mon co policy and procedures?? I am beginning to wonder if they know they have policies and procedures. Oh yes they do they make them up as they go and what benefits them, but not the children.Thank you bus dirvers for standing up for the safety of the children. Now if we could just get the bus drivers to get the administration to understand that it is not permissible for a child to wait 35 minutes at a school until their bus arrives,and another 35 minutes to ride the bus home, maybe transportation would have some hope. But until you get the people out of there who are doing the scheduling you will still have a mess.
    and let’s see that first paragraph not having enough drivers…? would it be because you do not want to keep the ones you have and will not hire the retirees and former employees to sub?? Sounds like again administration needs to change and it needs to start at the top including the board.

  3. edna Says:

    Irv the main problem he was hired with no experience,still not qualified to drive a bus but now makes 90 thou a year. He was part of the sweetheart deal with Nesselroad. now we have an office manager 40thou a year Talerico had a new personal secretary and we have the highest paid administrators in all of WV and one of the lowest paid teachers in the state. Where is your levy money going?? Mattern is not qualified so her 100 + thous. is out of the kids levy money. Its all for the kids unless it benifits them first!!!!

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