On To Charleston


At Wednesday’s brief hearing, Judge Susan B. Tucker moved the siting of the green school case to another venue, Charleston, because the West Virginia Board of Education in Charleston is involved. Simple as that. On to Charleston.

If the WVU Board of Governors approves the sale of its insolubly vehicle-exhaust-polluted intersection land to the BOE for the purposes of building an elementary school on during the WVU BOG Friday meeting (open to the public but no public speakers allowed; held in Morgantown in the Erickson Alumni Center), a court hearing in Charleston will be necessary to either block the purchase of the site by the Mon BOE, or to block the development of the land if the BOE concludes the purchase before a court hearing is scheduled.

Selling vehicle exhaust drenched land – scientifically proven to produce a wide range of serious diseases in children – to the BOE for an elementary school will make for such a wonderful recruiting point for prospective WVU faculty: Teach at WVU and send your child to Asthma/Pneumonia Elementary!

During Friday’s meeting, the West Virginia Board of Governors needs to do well by WVU, by its current and prospective faculty, and by the children of the surrounding community. Or the Board of Governors can vote in negligence and disgrace, following the shining example of the Monongalia County Board of Education – which in fact has a strong tie to the WVU administration that was properly run out of office a couple years ago.

Thanks to all for attending today’s squashed hearing!

One Response to “On To Charleston”

  1. newcommunityschool Says:

    Many thanks to Tony for putting together such a strong case & standing up for fairness, community schools, & the health of children today. Inspiring — the road to justice is always long (but at least the road to Charleston is a beautiful one).

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