Will WVU Profiteer At The Expense Of Small Children?


West Virginia University Board of Governors votes today on whether or not to make the community sick by profiteering.

Approval of a nearly $3 million land sale of nearly 9 acres to the Monongalia County Board of Educaction would allow the BOE, unless stopped by a lawsuit that should not have to be prosecuted, to build an elementary school at an insolubly congested and polluted intersection (vehicle exhaust, also noise). The intersection is also prone to vehicle crashes and would be the only way in and out of the school.

Such close proximity of schools to busy highways has been scientifically shown in study after study to increase rates of illness among the school children, and to make the illnesses more severe and potentially fatal. This includes such illness and disease as asthma and pneumonia, bronchitis, wheezing and other respiratory ailments, and ear, nose, and throat complications, and possibly even cancer, and leukemia, and pulmonary diseases.

WVU Board of Governors should do what the BOE inexcusably failed to do and that is make a commonsense vote NO against the sale and use of the intersection land that can be predicted to have the contemptible effect of sickening and otherwise endangering children.

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