The WVU “Family” Pulls Together


It was a months-long campaign from the public.

We protested (“trespassed” in the not-so-funny words of VP Weese) on WVU property.

We telephoned administrators.
Spoke out to the WVU President in public.
Campaigned downtown.
Got a letter from the Mayor on behalf of the City Council.
Traveled on multiple occasions to Charleston.
FOIA-requested WVU, and 7 other local and state agencies, multiple times.
Sued the county Board of Education and showed its utter negligence and intransigence.
And in the end the WVU administration pulled together in silence, except for its bully vote, in an act worthy of the mafia, pocketing a cool and dirty $3 million at the expense of the vulnerable lungs – scientists and doctors agree – of small children. Nice.

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