WVU BOG Sinks To The Level Of The MON BOE


In an utterly disgusting unanimous vote, without discussion, the WVU Board of Governors approved for sale the ever-toxic Mileground intersection site to the BOE for a school for small children.

The stupidity and brutality of this vote is remarkable, no less so for being thoroughly expected.

WVU Vice President Narvel Weese led the university’s efforts to locate the school at the unhealthy and dangerous intersection, as we have documented in detail. And WVU President Jim Clements went merrily along, in a show of leadership worthy of his ignominious predecessor, former WVU President Mike Garrison, forced to resign in disgrace after a brief term along with his Chief of Staff Craig Walker, equally implicated in the Heather Manchin Bresch degree scandal.

In other news, Judge Jennifer Bailey has been assigned to the relocated court case in Charleston, where we will seek a hearing to stop BOE purchase or development of the grotesque intersection school site.

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