School Board Ridiculous


A mere few weeks after a study showed that only half of the local school respondents “‘agreed or strongly agreed that their opinions are respected’ in their respective school [in Mon County] – compared to 65 percent nationally who answered the same way,” the Monongalia County school board rewards the dismal and repugnant performance of the superintendent with a huge raise.

Board President Barbara Parsons: “We’re exceptionally pleased with his performance.”

Exceptionally pleased with the way he leads a school system that does not respect people’s opinions?

Exceptionally pleased with the way he shoves little children into a negligent intersection school site?

“He’s done everything we’ve asked him to do,” said President Parsons.

Well, congratulations President Parsons, you and the entire board must be very proud of yourselves, very pleased. Exceptionally pleased.

West Virginia needs a law providing for communities to recall and replace officials by referendum. The American Federation of Teachers in Monongalia County has leveled its criticisms and could take some action with the general public to get the legislature involved.

West Virginia needs schools that are administered by teachers, and school systems that are actually run by the communities, rather than by a few overwhelmed or incompetent names on a ballot every four years. (Increasing the election cycle and more-or-less doubling the number of school board members could be a first step in that direction.)

Superintendent Devono refers to members of the public who attend school board meetings as “the audience.” What a condescending and repelling view. The attendees should be shown some respect, and should be referred to as “the public” which is exactly what they are. They are not “the audience” there for some show. Though what a show it is.

Exceptionally pleasing? Please.

3 Responses to “School Board Ridiculous”

  1. children come first Says:

    Barbara Parsons, quote: “He’s done everything we’ve ask him to do. We think he should be respected for his fairness and willingness to discuss tough issues.”

    Well, Barbara is that why in every meeting where he brings items before you he says “I recommend to the board”? He is doing what you ask him to do? Is that why his transportation department is a complete mess, buses sitting and employees leaving because he is doing what you ask him to do? Is that why the homebound and home schooling is doubled because he did what you asked him to do? Is that why you and your other board members voted to spend 18 million dollars of taxpayers money to put a school in a site where it is a safety and health issue to small children? BECAUSE HE DID WHAT YOU ASK HIM TO DO? well THEN IT LOOKS LIKE THE SHAME SHOULD BE ON YOUR HANDS.

    It amazes me that you give this man a $32,000 increase and you pay your cooks what? You RIF teachers and bus drivers and aides that provide a service to the children but that’s ok our superintendent deserves much more than that, he deserves a raise of 15.2% while your service workers deserve no jobs. It almost looks like that Enron thing again..the CEOs make the big money and to hell with the workers but in the long run you will want the taxpayers of Monongalia County to bail you out again, and those include the service workers and the middle class people who pay taxes.

    Superintendent Devono, Statler said, could have pursued other opportunities like it or not it’s a business. Well Statler like it or not we are here to educate children not pad the pockets of your friends, relatives or your own pocket.

    State superintendent of the year and who voted on that position??? Not his employees, not the public, so that means what????

    It would cost $40,000 or $50,000 for a job search? Joe Statler look what it has cost you with your transportation director since 2003. Look what transportation has cost you alone. Look what overtime for mechanics has cost you. Look what tow bills this winter alone has cost you. $40.000 doesn’t seem to be so much compared to what you already have wasted. Let alone the grievances you have had to pay, or the pay you give to administrators not qualified, or the Doctorate degree you paid for superintendent Devono. Seems like he should stay and pay the taxpayers of Monongalia County back.

    How about looking within the system? Are you saying we have no one qualified in this county that can not be considered a superintendent who would be fair, who would be willing to listen to the people…? THE PEOPLE WHO PUT YOU IN OFFICE …..

    It sounds to me like Barbara Parsons is correct. The superintendent has done everything you ask him to do!!!! However the ones who pay are the children, the taxpayers and the people who will have to clean up the mess after you are gone. I wonder why people do not want to run for board of education. I guess they would not know where to begin cleaning up the mess……

  2. children come first Says:

    I read Friday’s paper with the comments from BOE President Barbara Parsons, about how Devono and the board did nix that posting two weeks ago after complaints by the teacher’s union, but President Parsons said the superintendent’s salary increase will stand.
    Teachers’ paychecks, she said, are supplemented by health-benefits packages. And Devono, she said, “is being paid accordingly” to oversee a complex organization.
    “We have 10,000 students and 1,200 staff members,” she said. “There’s a whole transportation system and food service system. There are CEOs in the area who have less responsibility and far larger salaries.”

    Excuse me! Are you telling me your administrators do not receive the same package of benefits that your teachers and service personnel receive? Or is theirs better? Are you telling me Dr. Devono doesn’t get a vehicle, an iphone, a computer and computer services along with other benefits???

    Barbara Parsons, so what if CEOs make more money in the private sector than Dr. Devono does? What field did Dr. Devono pursue? Education! If he did not want to help the children of this fine state then Dr. Devono should move on and maybe find himself a CEO’s job. Isn’t that what you did, Dr. Parsons? Seems like the board of education was good enough to give you your secretarial job, but it also seems like you moved on….

  3. edna Says:

    When teachers use that arguement they are told that they chose that profession knowing the salary would be less and theyare lucky to have a job. Devono will make more than the govenor and the state super. which he did not even apply for. where would he go he has it too easy here. After todays editorial the entire teaching population should cancel their subscriptions to the Dominion Post after his remarks. The avg. salary is not that high when you take administrators out of the mix. Cancel the post send a message one sided reporting will not be tolerated!!!!!!

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