Money Matters


And the teachers, cooks, bus drivers, and other workers?

The raise would make Superintendent Frank Devono the 2nd highest paid superintendent in the state, among 55 county superintendents, today’s Dominion Post reports. Meanwhile, Monongalia County teachers rank 22nd in pay out of 55.

Current salary of Monongalia County Superintendent Devono:


Salary rank among the 55 county superintendents:


Salary of Monongalia County Superintendent Frank Devono three years from now:


Salary rank among the 55 county superintendents:


Monongalia County teachers’ salary rank among the 55 WV counties:


(What a great job superintendent Devono and the Board have done lifting Mon teachers’ salaries to the superintendent’s high rank!)

West Virginia teachers’ salary rank among the 50 US states:


Salary of newly hired West Virginia state superintendent Jorea Marple, head of 55 counties:


When the superintendent is at or near the top level of pay for superintendents around the state, and the teachers are in the middle level of pay for teachers around the state, then it looks like the superintendent is getting paid to keep teacher salaries (and other salaries) low. One can only suppose that he is.

See the article by Judy Hale, AFT President of West Virginia: “AFT Leader Speaks Out…

One Response to “Money Matters”

  1. Concerned Teacher Says:

    Good Luck in court on Friday……Maybe you could ask for some money from the Supt. for your costs…….

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