Gladiator Games Instead Of Education


Monongalia County Schools will spend $2 million to refurbish its downtown high school football stadium, which will be matched by $2 million from the Hazel Ruby McQuain Trust. Theoretically, private donations will add another $2 million more.

The neglect and abuse by Mon Schools is so bad that it claims not to be able to replace an 86 year old elementary school (Easton) and a 101 year old elementary school (Woodburn), but pleads poverty in being forced to combine them.

  • And then out pops this $6 million football field project.
  • And out pops a scandalous approximately $3 million dollar purchase price for the new school land that is undermined and must be mine-filled to the tune of at least $650,000, and that is otherwise negligently located.
  • And out pops the fact that Mon Schools is planning to build this new green school for a planned $15.2 million dollars with a 450 student capacity (not counting the $3 million land cost), even though Berkeley County, WV, is building their 600 student capacity green school for only $13 million.
  • And out pops the fact that Mon Schools has pre-designed a greater capacity for the green school to accommodate at least 545 classroom seats, at cost of perhaps, what? another $2 million?

And Mon Schools claims it has no money to individually replace its two elementary schools that are nearly a combined two centuries old.

Once again, we see that the priorities are all wrong at Mon Schools.

The football refurbishing price tag makes the superintendent’s recent 26 percent raise look like peanuts. Although, those “peanuts” will add up to serious elephant food as the years go on.

In the meantime, the multi-million dollar cost of football will hit like a brain-damaging blow to the students’ heads.

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