What On Earth Is Going On With Mon Schools Transportation?


7 Responses to “What On Earth Is Going On With Mon Schools Transportation?”

  1. truth is Says:

    Driver turnover. No one wants to work for the place anymore.

    Veteran drivers leaving, sickness, slow hiring process, retirement, but the number one problem: scheduling. They do not want to face the fact they do not know how to schedule… Pretty much sums it. Children sitting at a school for over an hour before the bus arrives. Pre school children on a bus for 45 minutes to an hour should not be acceptable. So parents isn’t it time you stood up for your child?

  2. George Jefferson Says:

    The best way to sum that question up is administration!!!! They are horrible to their drivers who are made to perform illegal acts on a daily basis. Irv scheutzner and Paul Christopher are the transportation center’s number 1 problem! Taxpayers need to get involved and see where your tax dollars are going! I’m sure they would be upset to see a man getting his doctorate on the taxpayers’ dime!

  3. parrot Says:

    It is sad when your transportation director or supervisor does not know their bus schedules, have no clue where their buses should be. God forbid there be an emergency because they would not know how to handle it. Takes someone with quick thinking, common sense and courtesy to the public.

    Caring for children and their needs. They flunked the class.

    Quit harassing and bullying your drivers and aides. Their job is stressful enough. No wonder they are sick. Stress causes sickness. It is not their fault you can not schedule. Your computer program is only as good as those who feed it.

    Parents should be in a complete uproar. The system is broke. It is too top heavy. You want quality drivers and aides? Quit paying someone high wages who knows nothing about putting a puzzle together. The pieces they have DO NOT CONNECT. It is time for a change. It is time for someone to listen.

  4. EQUITY Says:

    Barbara Parsons comment in today’s Wednesday news: “I would welcome an audit, we have nothing to worry about in this county.”

    The word equity, definition: the quality of being fair or impartial; fairness; impartiality:
    something that is fair and just.

    A bus operator with nine years experience according to state code would make close to $19,800. However, they could make more if they have an extra duty contract or extra runs, but it seems like the board and the transportation department have taken several of those positions away too. Outsourcing the extra runs to charter companies. Makes perfect sense, let’s have our children ride on charter buses, have you seen how many crashes occur with charter buses?

    Back to this audit, let’s see, a transportation director who had no experience in the public education field, had no experience with routing and scheduling of 80 some buses, but walks in right off the street and starts with a salary of 60 some thousand a year?? Isn’t it amazing taxpayers pay this man these kind of wages, but the average bus driver who spends the time with the kids, who has come to work year after year and makes half that. Sounds like equity to me. (yeah right)….and now he earns close to $86,000 and a driver with 35 years makes an annual of $33,000. My math class taught me that would be a difference of $53,000. Does it sound like equity to you??? Not even close!

  5. 007 Says:

    Isn’t it funny how people complain about wall street, CEO’s of large corporations, the bail outs etc, but at the same time say there was or is nothing we could or can do. We have greed and corruption right here in our own back yard and people are turning a blind eye. Our school board has implanted some of their loser friends and relatives into jobs they would never have been able to secure anywhere else in their life times and then over paid them to boot. It also takes real nerve or plain stupidity to stand up praise these people about what a good job they are doing. Well, no one’s rears should have gotten cold this winter with all of the smoke and hot air the school board was blowing up our ……

  6. positive thinker Says:

    Parents need to think on the positive side of having the new green school. When Erv, Paul and Bill finally put the Transportation Dept. completely down the tubes, your children will be getting home at dark, your children will be easier to spot in the dark with that pale green glow.

  7. bus 130 Says:

    People want to know what is going on with the bus drivers, well I can tell you what is going on with this one! After our extra trips were subcontracted out to different coach buses because of no fault of the bus drivers and the higher ups got a big raise, this entitled me to grub stubs. That is no joke. I went to the WEST VIRGINIA HEALTH AND HUMAN RESOURCES in Fairmont and sat for 2hrs 33min in an office full of unemployed people down on their luck and waited. My number was called, felt like I was going to jail, walked down this long hallway, was put in this little room and waited some more. A man comes in, asked what I was here for, I told him I wanted to know what I was qualified for! He asked me lots of personal questions and then the big one, where do I work, and he asked for a copy of my pay stubs. After all this, guess what I qualified for: grub stubs. Now that’s something to be proud of. I work for the BOE and I qualify for public assistance. I wonder if administration can say that!! A proud moment in my life. Just wait till I get my pretty little card and I will share it with the rest of you. Now you know what is going on with this Mon County bus driver. Have a good day and hope we get our raise.

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