Concerned Teacher Speaks


The reason the Administration requests input from teachers is not to get any input — it is to say they can go to the public and say they did it… When they were building UHS, they requested comments and concerns – the building was built and the majority of the comments were never used—Teachers were told that it was too late to add comments and they were already told by Central Administration not to look at these comments – This is why there are so many problems with UHS – no heat in winter (still has not been fixed in two wings of the building, no air in spring, no outlets in the business computer rooms, no shut off valves in the science rooms….etc… all were mentioned as teacher concerns…

Oh, if the teachers could tell stories, or would, what stories would the teachers tell…

Mon Schools administration and the school board aren’t worthy of the teachers. That is as plain as day.

Put any group of teachers in the same room with the administration and the school board and it’s obvious.

Maybe that is why the administration and school board continue to refuse to broadcast or podcast the board meetings.

They had better do so soon, or that court order will be coming.

Image Source: Alec Couros. Faculty of Education, University of Regina, Canada. Creative Commons.

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