Free The Teachers


Why do the planners and Mon Schools administrators ask for teachers’ input on how Eastwood should be designed and then don’t listen to them? Why should teachers waste their time going to those meetings? Why when teachers prefer the lockers be IN the rooms does the architect locate them outside in the hall? Teachers ask for tables instead of desks, but those calling the shots don’t want that. What’s the point of going through the process if the decisions are already made? Why aren’t the teachers in charge of creating the best teaching and learning design for their classrooms? They practically live in that space. They know it best. They should be free to organize it accordingly.

No surprise: In a recent study on graduation rates only half of the local school respondents ” ‘agreed or strongly agreed that their opinions are respected’ in their respective school [in Mon Schools] – compared to 65 percent nationally who answered the same way.”

The teachers should have far more authority for running the schools as compared to the administrators. That’s crucial for making big steps toward providing a “thorough and efficient system of free schools” as mandated by the Constitution of West Virginia.

Time to move to teacher-run schools.

4 Responses to “Free The Teachers”

  1. J. Gorby Says:

    tables eh…. lockers in the classrooms you say… interesting. Any other suggestions from the teachers?

  2. newcommunityschool Says:

    Don’t know. You could try Woodburn Principal Charlene Brown:
    She might tell you not only which teachers have been involved (all presumably), or how they have been involved, but also which parents. She should be able to give you some contacts, maybe even refer you to some documents of gathered information. All such information has been made no where readily available to my knowledge. It should be. Meanwhile, we’ve tackled other issues.

  3. Concerned Teacher Says:

    The reason the Administration requests input from teachers is not to get any input — it is to say they can go to the public and say they did it… When they were building UHS, they requested comments and concerns – the building was built and the majority of the comments were never used—Teachers were told that it was too late to add comments and they were already told by Central Administration not to look at these comments – This is why there are so many problems with UHS – no heat in winter (still has not been fixed in two wings of the building, no air in spring, no outlets in the business computer rooms, no shut off valves in the science rooms….etc… all were mentioned as teacher concerns…

  4. April Says:

    Input? The administration nor the BOE wants any input on anything. Teachers were asked about the buildings, bus drivers were asked about the scheduling of routes.

    Should not the public have been involved with Devono’s raise? Bet if they were, he would not have gotten the 15.2% increase, nor would the so called director of transportation receive such an enormous salary, along with the other administrators who receive such a huge salary.

    Taxpayers, the only thing they want is to spend your money. Is that so they can charter schools, do away with public transportation all together? It doesn’t look to me like they are choosing the most efficient way possible to run a school system. If they were they would take the input and use it.

    Your transportation funds are an enormous expense. Check it out for yourself. The land purchase for the Eastwood school is enormous and the money that needs to be added to complete the project is enormous. Instead of the groundbreaking in April you the taxpayers should be behind the parents of the Woodburn parents who care about the safety and welfare of the children in Monongalia County. It is very clear your elected officials do not!!!!

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