Bus Driver Speaks


How working for Mon Schools qualifies you for food stamps:

People want to know what is going on with the bus drivers, well I can tell you what is going on with this one! After our extra trips were subcontracted out to different coach buses because of no fault of the bus drivers and the higher ups got a big raise, this entitled me to gub stubs. That is no joke. I went to the WEST VIRGINIA HEALTH AND HUMAN RESOURCES in Fairmont and sat for 2hrs 33min in an office full of unemployed people down on their luck and waited. My number was called, felt like I was going to jail, walked down this long hallway, was put in this little room and waited some more. A man comes in, asked what I was here for, I told him I wanted to know what I was qualified for! He asked me lots of personal questions and then the big one, where do I work, and he asked for a copy of my pay stubs. After all this, guess what I qualified for: grub stubs. Now that’s something to be proud of. I work for the BOE and I qualify for public assistance. I wonder if administration can say that!! A proud moment in my life. Just wait till I get my pretty little card and I will share it with the rest of you. Now you know what is going on with this Mon County bus driver. Have a good day and hope we get our raise.

One Response to “Bus Driver Speaks”

  1. arden Says:

    What raise? Earl Ray/Billy Bob wants to get rid of all education employees with SB359!!!!!

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