Unions Speak


3 representatives of the Teachers’ and Service Workers’ unions are scheduled to speak tonight at Mon Schools’ BOE meeting, at least in part about the Superintendent’s Office Manager opening. Hard to say what exactly these workers’ representatives are speaking about though. Do even the workers know? If so, how? There is no notice at AFT-WV or WV SSPA. Are the unions still relying on the establishment media to do their publicity, information, education, outreach, notice, and reporting for them? Good luck with that. No wonder Mon Schools officials evidently feel they can do whatever they want whether it makes any sense, legal or otherwise, at all. They are allowed to operate in a virtual vacuum, all but underground.

Or are the “unions” (workers associations) still relying on Mon Schools for information and publicity? Is the Pope Muslim? When the Pope journeys to Mecca, Mon Schools may help publicize the workers’ concerns. Mon Schools continues to refuse to broadcast its public board meetings live or even to make the meetings available shortly afterward online via podcast.

Nevertheless, there appear to be a few issues boiling. Aren’t there always? Not simmering. Boiling. Or searing. Mon Schools’ refuses to operate other than with the heat turned all the way up in violation of  any sensible range, and often in violation of any regard for statute and law. What a sound and exemplary example for the children, for the students, are the officials of Mon Schools. And the top school officials wonder why people need get all geared up to put out their fires. The only wonder is that the people and the workers don’t gear up more, to take the matches and the kitchen away from them, to turn the kitchen over to the workers to run as they much better could and well should.

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