A New School on the Woodburn Schoolgrounds


A new school on the Woodburn schoolgrounds would relieve the crowding at surrounding schools and keep them from growing out of control in size. Especially nearby students who would otherwise attend Easton, Brookhaven, and Mountainview elementaries could attend a new school in Woodburn, since part of their sprawling catchments virtually border the Woodburn schoolgrounds. Also, students from South Park who currently travel all the way across town to attend the high quality schools of Suncrest Primary and North Elementary could instead find a good and much closer school in Woodburn.

The Woodburn schoolgrounds continue to be a great and badly needed place for a new school.

Notice that Easton Elementary is misplaced on the catchment map (above/below). In reality, Easton school sits a couple miles south of its mapped location, below the “a” in “Cheat,” exactly where US 119 forms a sharp elbow (within that elbow, or nub on the map). However, the map falsely yet curiously places Easton Elementary at the spot of the new University High School campus, which, with its 94 acres, would provide plenty of free land upon which to build a highly accessible new elementary school to replace the grossly inadequate existing Easton school.

These are 2005 school districting maps, the most recent maps Mon Schools provided when requested by FOIA.

Not only do the Woodburn schoolgrounds all but border the catchments of Mountainview, Brookhaven, and Easton elementaries, the schoolgrounds are also close to North Elementary’s catchment and part of Suncrest Primary’s catchment. This is great positioning for a rebuilt or new school, near the conjoining of the catchments of these five old schools, which are all crowded or overcrowded or larger than should be.

A new school on the existing Woodburn schoolgrounds? It only makes sense.

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