Terrace Small


This small version of Terrace Elementary would best fit the needs of the school district, the area, and the site.

As with the larger version of Terrace Elementary, Terrace Small would rise no more than two stories above ground, due to the slope of the land.

This would be a 300 to 350 student capacity school. 32,000 square feet in the first two stories (blue) and an additional 8,000 feet in the third story (gray). The entire school, K or pre-K through 5th grade could fit in the blue and gray.

For Terrace Small, extensive grading would raise the first floor nearly the equivalent of one story above the current playground level (the ground would slope down to meet the bulk of the current playground), thus restoring some of the original level of the  playground area. Given this re-grading, the third (top) floor of the new building would then be at the level of the basement of the original building (orange).

The original building could be turned over to community use or mixed school and community use. And/or, the original building could house an exceptional double library on the first floor and an exceptional double computer lab on the second floor.

The design of Terrace Small, which provides more playground space below (southeast) of the building and more space for buses and cars and parking, could be incorporated into the design of the large Terrace Elementary by simply adding a fourth flour above the third floor, or by extending the third floor above the second floor, and by maximizing use of the original building strictly for school use during school hours. These are the significant main advantages to grading out and up the land to place the building almost entirely on the side hill, maximizing use of the open space, and gaining further setback from Richwood Avenue.

Incorporated is Jared Gorby’s idea of preserving some sledding space. This relocates the lunch room next to the gym, as in Brookhaven Elementary. A solarium (yellow) is added to the lunch room, along with a companion solarium on the other side of the bus pick-up entrance.

A couple classrooms could be located above the lunch room, even if the lunch room ceiling is raised above normal room height. The classrooms would top out at the level of the gym height.

A large solarium and commons is situated by the gym. This solarium contains the broad winding terrace stairs and platforms.

Two other solaria are located near the car pick-up entrance. These would be admin/support spaces, stairs, or commons.

Using the side hill is key. It’s a great place and space for a building. And it saves the children from the damages and the dangers of the 705/Mileground commuter/commercial pollution and congestion, among other harms and risks.



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