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No wonder the West Virginia University administration refused to oppose selling their horrible intersection land for Eastwood Elementary, the new Mon Schools preK-5th grade school intended for the WV 705 / US 119 intersection site.

In fall of 2009 when WVU administrators were largely and stealthily steering Eastwood Elementary to its intended intersection site, some of these same administrators were congratulated or doing the congratulating at the September 2009 opening of the WVU “Nursery” School at the intersection of WV 705 / US 19 / US 7:

Evidently, WVU administrators are happy to place children in harm’s way on a daily basis: elevated levels of vehicle exhaust, which damage hearts and lungs, especially those of “sensitive receptors” young children. The science on this is not pretty. The health and education professionals at WVU should be ashamed, at the least.

See: Asthma Elementary and No Health and Safety and What Not to Do and Damaging Children for Life.

How appropriate that the children in the photo appear to be wearing hard hats. Or is it? Rather they should be wearing gas masks.

Any number of available locations on or near the WVU Evansdale campus are far more healthy for siting a nursery school. Who was the main administrator involved in siting the Nursery school and its two playgrounds within scant feet of arterial highways and their intersection? Was it the same WVU administrator or administrators centrally involved in directing the siting of Eastwood Elementary?

Let the administrator or administrators come forth proudly and self identify.

In the meantime, it seems that the School Building Authority of West Virginia (SBA) has recently created a new position, maybe been forced to by the West Virginia state Board of Education. It’s possible that our (and other) school movements have forced it into existence: an SBA job “vacancy” – or is it actually a new position? – “Technical Assistant, Senior“: note the job description; look at the first listed “knowledge” requirements:

Knowledge of the following is desirable:
School Building Authority Policies and Procedures
School Laws in WV State Code
Handbook on Planning School Facilities – WV State Board Policy 6200
In other words: Intensive Knowledge of the Eastwood School Siting Fiasco – The Central Statutes. (And any other pending siting fiascos.) The “Description of Duties Performed” can largely be interpreted as “Head-Off and Fend-Off Lawsuits and Community Movements.”
Is it a new position as it looks and sounds? Did the new State Superintendent Jorea Marple (the Attorney General’s wife) force Mark Manchin, Director of the SBA, to create a position? Was a position created at the behest of the Attorney General lawyers, who represent both the SBA and the state Board of Education? Was it Director Manchin’s idea of self and agency defense? All of the preceding?
WV state Board of Education Policy 6200 202.06 bans the “site” of a new school that is not:
“located away from hazards and undesirable environments, such as…arterial highways, heavily traveled streets, traffic and congestion…noise, toxic gas escapes from…odoriferous plants and industries…bulk storage plants for flammable liquid, and property zoned as industrial…[and/or] situations where a combination of factors such as those presented above could contribute to the possibility of human entrapment.”
What do the above banned school site conditions sound like? Oh that’s right: the intended Eastwood Mileground site.
And it’s too bad for the WVU Nursery School children that it sounds a lot like their site as well.

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