Kenna Fights BOE And SBA With Woodburn


Via Daily Mail:

State school board ignores law in Kenna

Residents of southern Jackson County have an issue with the state School Building Authority. Why do they approve school building sites that clearly do not meet the state Board of Education guidelines of Policy 6200, Section 202.06?

Monongalia County resident, Tony Christini, is seeking a restraining order in Kanawha Circuit Court to stop construction of an elementary school in a high traffic congested area in Morgantown. It is a site that does not meet the guidelines of Policy 6200.

The Jackson County Board of Education has requested funds for a new Kenna Elementary to be built in the Kenna Ridge Business Park at the Kenna exit of Interstate 77. Money for the road into the “business park” came from the West Virginia Industrial Road Access Fund. According to State Code, Chapter 17-3A-1, monies from this fund can only be used for construction of roads to industrial sites.

The proposed site does not meet the requirements of Policy 6200. If the funding is approved, residents will need to seek a restraining order to stop this insanity. Why does the state Board of Education make policies that are obviously being ignored?

The policy sets guidelines for schools to be located in safe places, but our boards of education and the SBA are not following these safety requirements.

I am a member of a special interest group – today’s young children and the thousands of unborn children who will be doomed to spend their young educational years in unsafe, unhealthy locations. There are alternate sites available in both counties.

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