Devono, Manchin, Oliverio: A Confederacy of Dunces


DEVONO: Mileground site an “easy choice.”

And why not? For Devono it was an easy choice to advocate for paddling children in schools too, just a few years before the state outlawed such behavior. What Devono advocated for quickly became codified in law as a kind of child abuse. And what is the Mileground site but another form of child abuse? And any more legal?

As reported in the Dominion Post at the Eastwood Elementary symbolic groundbreaking on the Mileground:

Superintendent Devono: “This is such an exciting opportunity…” DP: “He also said…the [Mileground] site…[was] an easy choice.”

SBA Director and Eastwood grantor Mark Manchin: “I am excited about this opportunity…”

Former State Senator Mike Oliverio: “Eastwood Elementary can be a model for the rest of the country.”

So much for the negligent official backers and the clueless official cheerleaders of Eastwood at its menacing, damaging site: a life-threatening, polluted, congested vortex of crashes, vehicle exhaust, and hazardous commercial and commuter activity that violates state health and safety mandates and various other state statutes.

What about the people who actually have to use the site? Judy Sheers:

“[A] concern…shared among many parents is traffic. ‘The location already has a lot of traffic and with a new school here it could become a problem,’ she said.”

That “concern” can go down as the understatement of the year if not decades, especially pending any calamities at and along the “problem” site.

And the schoolchildren? Abigail Lemine:

“I just don’t like where it is located. There is really bad traffic.”

The oh so knowing and responsible officials will no doubt try to assure this student with eyes for the obvious that she does not know what she knows and that they, the oh so caring officials, will protect students with Mon Schools’ magic fairy dust.

Superintendent Devono:

“the site…an easy choice.”

The ironies of siting a school for small children in this maw of dangers are almost indescribable.

The original MPO document (above and below) depicts only the proposed “Falling Run Corridor” connecting downtown Morgantown to WV 705 near the Mileground. Everything else in color is not included in the original MPO document and was subsequently added, based on information gathered from various other documents from a variety of organizations.

Below, “Eastwood” and the red arrows and red dot were added to the MPO document:

“433 wrecks, 30 weeks, 8 sites” – first 30 weeks of 2010:

File:School sign US.svg

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