What’s More Important – Football Or Food?


Monongalia County Schools has left uncollected $809 thousand in payments for food (lunch and breakfast) from 2005-2010.

Maybe if the schools improved the quality of the food and the conditions in the schools people would actually be willing to pay on time. Or maybe not, and rightly so. It’s appalling that students, who are more-or-less forced to attend school everyday, and who are then served minimal quality food, are forced to pay for it – payment on top of school taxes, amazingly enough.

At minimum, the schools should pay for the students’ food, and the food should be paid for through taxes, unless the schools dramatically improve the quality of the food, also the lunchrooms…. Probably even then the schools should pay. The US is rich (contrary to the official lies) and the rich are getting richer (as the impoverished die and die early). The children should at least get good and free food during their time in the public schools!

The schools provide the voluntary athletes a $6 million football field, but will not pay for the compulsory schooled students’ meals during school. It makes no sense.

The media praise and any other praise for the football field payment and the outrage at the food expense is completely backwards. One is celebrated, the other is decried. It’s bullshit. All children need to eat, and eat well. None need to play football, let alone get banged up. The dollars should go the other way…


School Lunches

The federal government should heavily subsidize quality school lunches. And school districts should do what they can as well. The same holds with exercise. Instead of a brain, limb, and joint damaging football field, why not a year-round recreation and exercise center? Some things make too much sense.

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